In 'MON JARDIN' (my garden) there is an endless procession of towers, decorated with antique tools. There is a machine that gives birth to snow-white childrens heads. In the middle of the lawn is the sculpture of a bride, behind her a charming house on poles, from which dozens of curious eyes follow every step. Everywhere there are houses that hide miraculous scenes and treasures. Under the tall trees there is a path that leads along the weathered bridal gowns to a wooden chapel on the hillside.

If this plenitude of impressions is not enough, you can visit the 'CHAMPAVOY', a smaller garden, one hundred meters away, with rooms full of memories from a forgotten era. Or you can follow the sandpath to a lake, a kilometer away. Here the CORTÈGE (a bridal prossesion) swings along the waterfront; A procession of 103 statues, including a bride on a car pulled by two old mopeds.

This website is created to preserve and document Sam's work. One day the exposure to the elements shall take it's toll. The decay will be irreversible, and eventually these photos are the only ones still bearing witness to her lifes work.